Thomson Gale of Farmington Hills, MI, was a leading publishing company of business-focused materials especially popular with libraries, schools and businesses.  Business Plans Handbook (BPH) is an annual business plan reference guide first published by Thomson Gale and now published by Gale Cengage Learning. Each BPH volume  – 30 so far — contains hundreds of pages and an average of 25 real business plans obtained from businesses in the manufacturing, retail, and service industries which successfully were used to secure funding.  Each plan was fictionalized by changing the names of companies, executives, addresses and products/services. Each volume includes a sample business plan template and two fictional plans, a glossary of small business terms, and a directory section containing various listings of interest to entrepreneurs and consultants specializing in small business advice and planning.


Bastian was hired to serve as the key Research Editor for six annual editions of Business Plans Handbook.


Interviewing, editing, writing, public/media relations, strategic planning.

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