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Founded by married couple Greg and Julie Alexander, The Alexander House Apostolate (TAHA) is an international Catholic apostolate proclaiming the beauty, goodness and truth of God’s design for marriage. Its Vision:  to see a society full of married couples who are living God’s plan for marriage, so that the joy, sanctity and permanence of the sacrament may be realized and preserved. Its Goal: To preserve the marriage covenant, build strong families and lower the divorce rate by helping individuals to discover the beauty and grandeur of the vocation to love and the service of life through marriage, family, church and community.


Bastian notched up the professionalism of TAHA’s marriage-focused newsletter  — renamed “Love Connections”  —  by hiring a professional graphic designer, and taking over as editor and the main writer.  By adding more in-depth stories, personal testimonies and backgrounders, this 12-page issue set a new tone for the organization and helped it better explain its history, services, mission and goals.


Writing, editing, interviewing, research, coordination with graphic designer.

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