The Tandy Corporation was a family-owned leather goods company based in Fort Worth, Texas.  Founded in 1919 as a leather supply store, it acquired RadioShack in 1963 and got into electronics in a major way. In 1996, Tandy Corp. announced it would close all of its 213 Video Concepts stores in a restructuring causing it to focus on its Radio Shack, Computer City and Incredible Universe stores. That year, Tandy was one of the nation’s largest retailers of consumer electronics. The Tandy name was dropped in May 2000, when RadioShack Corporation was made the company’s official name.


Bastian wrote an image-positioning brochure for Tandy Corporation’s new Video Concepts retail chain within a tight 36-hour deadline. The project was completed for Interbrand Design Forum, a Dayton design agency whose client was Tandy.  Bastian was told that the full-color marketing piece helped Video Concepts win vital leases from major mall developers, and greatly contributed to the brand’s national rollout success.


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