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Swope Health Services, formerly known as Swope Parkway Health Center,  is a Federally Qualified Health Center providing primary health care, outreach and behavioral health services.  Today, the facility serves more than 40,000 residents in Missouri and Kansas from 13 medical and residential treatment centers located throughout the greater metropolitan area.


Bastian wrote all the copy for a popular fold-out brochure used to explain Medicare benefits to patients using them. The challenge was to write informative copy at a 6th-grade reading level. (Bastian used reading-level analysis software to ensure the proper level was achieved.)  Thousands of copies of the brochure were printed and distributed by Swope. Bastian did this work as a “hired gun” for Jane Mobley Associates, one of the largest PR firms in the region; Swope was its client.


Interviewing, writing, coordination with graphic designer and agency representatives.

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