Puerto Rico FAM trip

Puerto Rico has changed from an agricultural economy, based primarily on sugar, tobacco, and coffee products, to a thriving modern industrial and services oriented economy. It has  has a highly developed highway, ports and airports systems which allow a fast movement of merchandises across and beyond the Island. It has also a state-of-art communication network. Moreover, its location in the Caribbean makes the country a perfect place to develop an even larger infrastructure for a trans-shipment port with its respective value-added zones. In terms of human capital, the Island has a highly sophisticated and bilingual workforce, ready to face the continuous transformation of the economic environment.

The private sector has developed in the country five clusters: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, communications and information technology, and health services.


Bastian was a guest of the Government of Puerto Rico on a week-long FAM business trip focused on the major manufacturing, pharmaceutical and aviation industries thriving on the island.  She was one of five journalists, each representing national and/or global business publications. Bastian toured numerous business facilities and interviewed top officials representing companies, industries, government agencies and educational institutions while collecting vital research.

There were many non-business highlights, too, including: attending a press conference held in honor of the journalists (Bastian met the Governor Sila María Calderón Serra); meeting the future Governor and the president of PR’s largest university at a dinner held at a seaside mansion-restaurant; and staying at the gorgeous Rincon Beach resort hotel; and dining at the ultra-chic Laurel Restaurant located in the Puerto Rico Museum of Art, San Juan.

After the trip, Bastian wrote a feature story about Puerto Rico’s key industries for a national economic development publication. The piece talked about the investment opportunities for American firms considering an expansion or move to Puerto Rico.


Interviewing, writing, research, high-level meetings/interpersonal communications with govt./political reps.

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