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Life Media of Kansas City, MO, was founded as an ecumenical ministry reaching out to women in crisis pregnancy situations, and educating the public on pro-life and pro-family issues. The organization annually reached over 1 million women with in-theater movie ads and outdoor billboard ads about abortion-alternative services.  After a few years in operation, the Archdiocese of Kansas City took over the ownership and administration of this successful ministry.


Bastian’s press release and media relations work about Life Media garnered an interview for the group on the nationally broadcast “Focus on the Family” radio show, a write-up in a national, pro-life education newsletter (published by Life Issues Institute), and residual Internet-based publicity.  Besides raising local and national awareness about the group, the PR efforts resulted in Life Media receiving about a dozen phone calls from other pro-life groups around the country seeking info on how to start their own Life Media-type programs.

Bastian co-founded Kansas City’s first on-going, pro-life billboard ministry with Life Media founder, Molly Peterson, and the future president of National Lawyers Association (pro-life lawyer bar association), Rebecca Messall.  This ecumenical effort, greatly supported by local Knights of Columbus parish groups, eventually evolved into Life Media.


Interviewing, writing, public relations, media relations.

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