Ottawa-based Inc. (NASDAQ: ECRU) was a leading provider of customer-focused, Web-powered hiring management systems and HR services. The company offered clients a comprehensive suite of solutions that automated the creation and maintenance of job openings posted to multiple job sites (e.g.,, Career-Mosaic and CareerMagazine), and increased overall the efficiency of HR processes, from recruitment through to talent assessment, deployment and development. clients included The Toronto Stock Exchange, Compaq Canada, KPMG Canada, Bell Canada, Dell Computer, Sony Music Canada, and Home Depot Canada. The company sold its job posting site in 1999, and in 2001 bought Paula Allen Holdings.


Bastian’s editorial efforts were instrumental in E-cruiter’s phenomenal influence on the then-nascent Internet job recruitment industry. Between 2000 and 2001 she researched and wrote online-exclusive business stories for the firm’s bi-weekly online magazine.  The publication  was a well-respected online resource for HR managers worldwide, providing ground-breaking insights about this exciting yet then-complicated new way to recruit talent. Topics covered were revolutionary at the time; and Bastian had to find and cultivate new “experts” on her own.  Much of the info written about is still relevant to this day for those seeking to attract top-notch talent in the New Economy.


Research, writing, interviewing. 

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