The Christ Hospital (Cincinnati)
The Christ Hospital (Cincinnati)

For 125 years, The Christ Hospital has been a leader in clinical excellence and patient experience. The Christ Hospital Health Network is a regional system of care that extends The Christ Hospital’s 125 years of exceptional care and leadership to more than 100 locations in the Greater Cincinnati area. The Network delivers integrated, individualized healthcare and wellness services through its comprehensive physician network, advanced specialty services and the region’s Most Preferred Hospital (National Research Corporation). 


Bastian wrote a number of feature stories for Christ Hospital Serving, the community magazine published by The Christ Hospital. She did this work s a “hired gun” for Laine & Lane Marketing, whose client was the hospital. In addition, Bastian was hired by the agency to write a few patient information fact sheets on women’s health issues (e.g., hysterectomies, breast cancer).


Interviewing, research, writing.

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