As a business location, Austria is very profitable for international investors.  It offers optimal access to the growth markets of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, a highly educated and motivated workforce, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a high-tech environment. Moderate corporate taxation, attractive research incentives and efficient public services create the framework for the economic success of companies, both foreign and native to Austria.


Bastian was invited by the government of Austria to be part of a week-long FAM research trip to Austria. She was one of a half dozen journalists/editors representing national and global business magazines focused on economic development. Bastian enjoyed five-star treatment while exploring the many key industries of  Austria via trips to federal government offices and various company headquarters throughout Austria representing diverse fields.  She stayed in at least five of the nation’s major cities.  Many of the firms visited showcased state-of-the art R&D activity.

Bastian used her new information and knowledge to write overview articles of Austria for a national economic development magazine. This work was instrumental in educating American firms about the many advantages of expanding operations to Austria.


Interviewing, research, writing, high-level interpersonal communications with federal govt. and local government officials, and C-suite executives.

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