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seving clients nationwide 1986For over 25 years, organizations of all sizes have counted upon Lisa Bastian to produce high-quality, senior-level communications.  As president of Bastian Public Relations, she has served the writing, editing, research and PR needs of clients representing a wide variety of industries.

The communications industry and its technological tools have changed greatly since Lisa began her professional career. However, what has stayed constant is her ability to keep ahead of new ideas in the field, and to consistently deliver materials that educate, inform, encourage, entertain and/or persuade audiences.

Editor, Writer, Journalist, PR Consultant, Production Manager, Strategist, Social Media Blogger, Website Developer….Lisa has comfortably taken on those roles many times for national and regional clients seeking print and web-based communications. C-suite execs, small business owners and government officials have all called upon her to drive high-profile, mega-projects never done before as well as mundane but vital tasks that also require careful attention to detail. (Another bonus: Bastian is cleared at the Top Secret level by the U.S. government, so you know she can keep confidences.)

When you hire Bastian Public Relations, be assured that no matter what the assignment, Lisa will be immersed in the details of your project….and deliver the right editorial or PR product at the right time, within budget. Lucky for you, many other veteran creatives are part of this virtual agency.  They’re hand-picked, and called upon only when a project requires additional trusted expertise which adds great value to a project.

The bottom line?  Relax….You’re in good hands.  This former two-term president of IABC/San Antonio (and a 10-year board member) loves what she does–and it shows.  Just look at the many testimonials from clients past and present;  and the list of 35+ awards and honors given the agency. Take your time exploring this website, then do yourself a favor.

Contact Lisa Bastian for a free quote, to talk about your latest communication challenges needing solutions, or to just introduce yourself.  Hope to hear from you soon!

An Agency With a Conscience

Bastian Public Relations does not conduct business in a moral vacuum. What follows are operational standards which guide the agency’s activities:

  • Client relationships are established and nurtured on a foundation of Judeo-Christian ethical principles (e.g., the “Golden Rule”) affirming the existence of moral absolutes. Principal Lisa Bastian, CBC, and representatives of her agency always strive to be truthful, fair, accurate and professional.
  • The restricted, intimate details of an organization, its management, projects, services and future plans are held in the strictest confidence by BPR and its associates. The agency will sign client confidentiality agreements affirming this position, if requested.
  • If BPR determines a project is outside the agency’s scope of experience, another agency will be suggested to the client which has the desired expertise. In other words, only projects which can be done exceedingly well by BPR and its Virtual Agency associates will be accepted.
  • Projects will not be undertaken which support or advance anti-life issues/programs (e.g., abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia, eugenics) or anti-family issues/programs (e.g., pornography, gambling).FREE PALM 5

Cultures can be judged in many ways, but eventually every nation in every age must be judged by this test: How did it treat its people? Each generation, each wave of humanity, evaluates its predecessors on this basis. The final measure of mankind’s humanity is how humanely people treat one another. –From Whatever Happened to the Human Race? by Dr. Francis Schaeffer and Dr. C. Everett Koop

It’s a poverty to decide that a child should die in order for you to live as you wish.  –Mother Teresa of Calcutta, founder of Missionaries of Charity; Nobel Prize winner

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Lisa (above left) thanks her family for inspiring and encouraging her every day

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